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The Tweet Heard Around the World

by on Oct.19, 2010, under Kentucky Football

UK had a HUGE win this past Saturday over the evil Gamecocks and their emperor of terror, Steve Spurrier. However, there has been some controversy because of a tweet that Randall Cobb posted following the emotional win. he basically lambasted the fans for things we really deserve being lambasted for. However, it gets bad publicity for the school and was a poor choice. he later came out and apologized saying he made a mistake.

This brings up an interesting subject about fandom and what both frustrates me and fascinates me. I hate it when I hear fans booing their own team. I don’t care if you are meaning it for just the coaches poor decision. The players, kids by the way, hear it and take it personally. They are giving their best. However, it fascinates me that this is not just a UK phenomenon.

Growing up in Chattanooga, TN, I was not around the UK fan base. I was around a lot of fan bases. Chattanooga is on the southeastern border of Tennessee where Georgia and Alabama intersect. As far as fans, there is a large diversity. And one thing I learned, all fan bases are fickle and unreasonable. Any little setback, perceived or real will bring out Jim Bob on the call in shows asking for the guy he wanted fired last year. There will be Bobby Joe booing everyone from the equipment manager to the University President because a draw play was called when it is 3rd down with 7 to go. The problem is, that when people are as passionate about their team as we in the South our with our teams, there are going to be a good amount of crazies who act crazy when the team is not a perfect 13-0 and crown national champions.

People need to remember, including myself, fan is short for fanatic. And we all are crazy football fanatics. Some just hide their crazy better than others.

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Why We Hate Louisville

by on Aug.31, 2010, under Kentucky Football, Kentucky Tailgating

We are 5 days away from the Battle of the Bluegrass with our hated arch enemy, and little brother, The University of Louisville Cardinals. I thought I’d give a little insight into why we hate them. These are some things to remember if you are traveling to the pizza delivery stadium this weekend.

First off, their mascot. A Cardinal? Really? I used to take out these pests with my pellet gun when I was a young child. They chirp. That is the most vicious they get, chirping. I hating chirping birds, therefore I hate little brother.

Their Jealousy is next. that is right. They are jealous and really want to be us. So much so they run out and hire an old has been coach of ours who loves Blondes and Italian eateries. Also, go to any UL message board and you will see that the topics are predominately about our beloved cats. This obsession is borderline stalkerish, and a restraining order is in the works.

Finally, it is their fans. Serious. Look at this photo, and you will understand. Who is not going to hate a bunch of Slim Shady Wannabes?

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6 More Days!

by on Aug.30, 2010, under Kentucky Football, Kentucky Tailgating

It is six more days until our beloved Wildcats take on the communists of Louisville. The long wait is almost over. Operation Win gets its start, and Charlie Strong will see how weak his team is against its Big Brother.

This also means tailgating season is upon us. The first home game is against Western in under two weeks! Two Weeks and we all get to come together, get well oiled, and go scream until we are hoarse. It will be a great time with great friends. If yo are one of the many people who are stunbling upon our peice of the web, come visit us! We are a welcoming bunch. This year we are going to try and make things even more fun. At some point we will have a cornhole tourney. Perhaps a weekly picture of the Tailgate cotestw here you can win the priceless prize of bragging rights. And whatever else we can come up with.

So get ready for another great season! And come to the greatest tailgate you can find at Commonwealth Stadium. I’ll ramp up some notes this week aboutt eh team and give details about the tailgate in two weeks. And remember, come see us at the corner of Cooper and Sportcenter.

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Time to Get Ready

by on Aug.13, 2010, under Kentucky Football, Kentucky Tailgating

Our beloved Cats have practice in full swing! The battles for numerous positions are reportedly fierce. A good amount of optimism is coming out of Operation Win’s headquarters. Joker is getting the boys ready for a nice run and we are getting fired up for some high octane tailgating!

This year there will be a new tent that is a tailgater’s dream. We will have good friends, drinks, and food. Oh, and lets not forget about the hottest ladies on any gameday. Kentucky girls are the best of the best!

So get ready to get loose before the game at the tailgate, and get loud at the games. We will try and have some fun stuff. So come on out to the corner of Cooper and Sportcenter for the best tailgate around. To, Dirt and the boys will always treat you right!

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Football is Coming

by on Jul.21, 2010, under Kentucky Tailgating

OK, so we haven’t posted much in the off season. Well, we haven’t been tailgating. However, I am ready for it to start this weekend! Can’t ait to get back to Commonwealth this fall to watch out Wildcats kick some tail and enjoy the company of the Big Blue Faithfull. It won’t be long! Operation Win is coming!

So for the upcoming season, we are going to be stepping it up a notch. Each week we will have a Photo of the Tailgate chosen where you will ahve a chance to win the prestigious bragging rights of having been selected as a PoT winner. Trust me kids, this is an honor that is priceless and looks great on resumes. We also have some other ideas as well that we are working out.

So come back early and often. I’ll try to get us all up to spead on what is happening with the team and our world class tailgate. Also, if you have some pictures from past years you’d like to see shared, leave a comment on the posts and I’ll get in touch. Or email me kevin (at)


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Four Cats Make All SEC Team

by on Dec.08, 2009, under Kentucky Football, Kentucky Tailgating

randall-cobbIt was announced yesterday that Four wildcats made the All SEC team as selected by the AP. This is a great honor for a team that most did not pick to make it back to a bowl, much less guarantee a fourth consecutive winning season.

First team had Randall Cobb who has seen time as a punt returner, kickoff returner, wide receiver, running back, quarterback, heart surgeon, psychologist, and geologist for the University of Kentucky this year.

Second team had Derrick Locke, the speedy running back who was sometimes a threat to throw the ball out of the wildcat package. Joining him was Corey Peter’s, the defensive tackle who seemed to always make HUGE plays when needed. And rounding it out was Sam Maxwell. Maxwell was a bright spot of a pretty good line backing core. The sad thing for this senior is that he will miss the Music City Bowl due to a shoulder injury.

Congrats to these Wildcats and lets hope they can lead us to a fourth straight bowl victory!Nashville should be a great time for all and I will need all of you going to send me some tailgating pictures.

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Bowl Details, Picture of the Week, and Recruiting News

by on Dec.07, 2009, under Kentucky Football, Recruiting News

Yin and YangThis picture is from a previous Tailgate this year and features a couple of nice looking young ladies with their version of the Randall Cobb Yin and Yang.

The Cats have officially been announced to play Clemson in the Music City Bowl. This will be the second time in four years the two have met in Nashville and this should be a very good match up and very good exposure for Kentucky as the game will be at 8:30 Eastern the Sunday after Christmas, Dec 27th.

And finally on the recruiting front. UK had a very good weekend in this regard with a couple of very nice Corner Backs committing to our beloved Wildcats to suit up this coming fall. First is a 3 star recruit named Dale Trimble. And Second is a four star recruit name Anterio Sloan. Both a extremely good gets by this coaching staff. So the Basketball win over HATED North Carolina got us one step closer to 2000 victories and landed us a couple of talented defensive backs. The future looks bright for the Wildcats!

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Kentucky Tailgating Picture of the Year Contest

by on Dec.03, 2009, under Kentucky Tailgating

We are going to start the first annual Kentucky Tailgating of the year contest. As the week goes on, I’ll add pictures from past tailgates and post them. I will also need submissions from all of you. Send your pictures to me at and we will pick the top five of all the submissions and then have a vote. The lucky winner will be the proud owner of bragging rights for being the first to win this prestigious award! Regardless, send in your entries. The only rules are that they must feature UK games home or away. So send in your favorite picture!

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Some Pictures From the UT Tailgate

by on Dec.02, 2009, under Kentucky Football, Kentucky Tailgating

Here are a few pictures form the UT tailgate this past weekend. I’ll post more over the next few days.

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Cats Bowling in Nasvhille

by on Dec.02, 2009, under Kentucky Football, Kentucky Tailgating

mcbThe word is that UK will be playing in the Music City Bowl. While nothing official about any bowls will be released until after the SEC championship game, yesterday saw a whirlwind of activity as the Outback Bowl chose Auburn instead of UT and fueled speculation about who would end up going where. After all the dust settled, it appears Nashville will be awash in Blue!

Now, who the opponent will be is a bit up in the air. A lot of speculation seems to suggest either UNC or Miami. Although some have said the loser of the ACC championship game will be joining the Cats. Personally, I would like to face Miami. Yes, there would be some buzz about UNC because of the basketball rivalry, but I’d rather take on a traditional football power like Miami. A win against them would be better for recruiting purposes and prestige in my humble and ill-informed opinion.

Regardless Cat fans, get your reservations for Nashville now as they will fill up quickly. Take tons of pictures and send them to me at since I will not be able to make the trip.

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